3PL Information – What is 3PL Fulfillment – Shipping Q&A

What is 3PL? “3PL” is an acronym for “third-party logistics.” 3PL is a service where a company is contracted to warehouse, pick, pack, and ship products. 3PLs are a vital component in the supply chain of many brands. Your company takes the orders, and your third-party logistics provider (Sky3PL) fulfills them. Sky3PL is a link in the supply chain brands use to outsource part or all of a business’ distribution and fulfillment services. 

Why should I use a 3PL service? If you or your company sell products online, you could benefit from partnering with Sky3PL. Our service will save you time, money, and best of all, expedite delivery to your customers.

Three key questions to help you decide if you need a 3PL:

Are you fulfilling more than 10-20 orders per day? If so, contact us for a great quote to keep your profit margins strong. Likewise, estimate the growth potential—opportunities you’re not currently able to pursue–by outsourcing fulfillment.

Is your inventory storage space manageable and affordable? Don’t forget to include storage costs in your fulfillment expense calculations. Compare your current expenses with an estimate from Sky3PL. Decide if bundling storage costs with outsourced fulfillment is a better value.

Can your infrastructure handle the demand? If you’re forecasting significant, sustained growth, estimate the costs and staff necessary to meet the demand. Compare that with the expenses of partnering with Sky3PL. You might be pleasantly surprised!

How does your 3PL service work? Sky3PL uses state-of-the-art technology that fully integrates with your e-commerce platform to provide real-time fulfillment as your products sell. When an order comes in, our staff then picks, packs, and ships your orders in real-time. Our technology acquires shipping at the lowest rates possible based on your pre-determined selections.

Can I track my orders – shipments, etc.? Absolutely! Sky3PL clients have a unique online portal that allows you to sign in and download reports, track shipments’ progress, monitor inventory, etc.

Can you include special items with each shipment? Yes. We can store any additional items you like, a unique postcard, a bonus item, stickers, etc. We can even create rules to include certain bonus items with only designated products.

Do you keep track of my inventory? Yes. Our technology tracks every sale and return to keep your inventory levels accurate. You can monitor inventory levels by logging into your client portal. When new shipments come in, we will automatically update your inventory. All updates to inventory sync to your e-comm platform to keep your online sales on track.

I have a WooCommerce based e-commerce platform. How seamless is the integration? Very. We can connect and sync with your WooComm website in under an hour. Our technology works with every popular e-commerce platform, including Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, 3D Cart, Weebly, and more.

Are my products safe in your warehouse? Yes. Sky3PL’s warehouse is monitored, alarmed – secure, clean, and climate-controlled for optimized storage. We are insured fully should any unforeseen loss occur.

Do you use environmentally friendly packaging? Yes! We are all outdoor enthusiasts who care greatly about protecting our environment. We strive to utilize recycled and recyclable packing and shipping materials whenever possible. View our green pledge here.

What kind of companies should use a 3PL service? If you sell products online, we can help – everyone from Etsy e-tailers to established brands. If you’re a successful entrepreneur spending hours a day on fulfillment, we can help. If you’re a mid-size health & beauty brand expanding past your current warehousing, we can save you money! If you’re a well-established brand looking for regional distribution, we can help! Please feel free to contact us today to discuss.

Give me an example! We’ll give you two!

  1. Your company sells vitamins. The vitamins are made for your company by an off-site contract manufacturer. They ship 20 cases a month to you. These cases are unpacked at your facility, stored, then picked, packed, shipped by your paid employees. Your company is paying to have the product shipped to your facility, then paying people to unpack – store – repack – ship the products. With 3PL, the products would be shipped directly to us. We would take care of the rest at a lower cost.
  2. You’re a burgeoning online influencer – entrepreneur who sells merch on a Shopify-powered website. You are spending two to three hours a week unpacking new merchandise and organizing it, then ninety minutes daily sorting through orders, picking, packing, and shipping them. This example would equate to spending 9.5-10.5 hours a week on fulfillment based on a five-day workweek. With Sky3PL, you could save all of that time by having your products shipped to us and letting us take care of the rest.